created: 25 July 2002
last updated: 30 June 2003

Want to Swap Wheels on Your SabMag?

For what it's worth, some folks like the look of the V65 Sabre wheels and some like the look of the chrome on the V65 Magna wheels. In my case I swapped V65 Magna wheels on my V65 Sabre in order to lower the bike just a bit. With the V65 Sabre having a 33" seat height and with me having a 30" inseam, I needed to do something to have more contact with my feet in manuevering my V65 Sabre around.   The wheels between the V65 Sabre and V65 Magna are easily swappable provided you do a few things. In looking at...'ll note some numbered parts. These parts will need to follow the wheel. The reason for this is that the V65 Sabre and V65 Magna have not only different sized wheels (the V65 Magna has a 16" rear wheel whereas the V65 Sabre has a 17" rear wheel) but also different sized rotors. The following parts that will need to be swapped are, (1) Brake Stopper Arm, (2) Caliper Bracket and finally the (3) Collar. The Brake Stopper Arm may not have to move but since the mounting bolts are different for both bikes it should also be replaced.

Putting a 16" rear wheel on the V65 Sabre lowers the rear end by 1/2". You might think the rear end would be lowered a full inch. Keep in mind the diameter of the wheel is reduced by 1" but from axle center to the ground it's reduced by only 1/2". Thanks for Jeff L. in pointing this out to me. In addition to this... I went to lower profile tires. The OEM size for the 16" rear wheel on the V65 Magna was a 140/90-16. I put on a 130/90-16 which reduced the profile by another .4". I also put a slightly skinnier tire on the front which was a 100/90/18 rather than the OEM size of 110/90-18.

To balance things I should have slid my forks up a bit in the triple tree. I haven't done this yet since my bike rides fine and tracks straight. That's it for now.

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