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SabMag events I've attended


SME 7.9 Time: May 9-11, 2003, rain or shine - planned
Place: North Bend State Park, Cairo (say Care-oh), WV, 35 miles SE of Marietta OH and 55 miles W of Clarksburg WV. Four miles off US50. The vote is in. We're opting for warm rain rather than cold rain this year, so we'll have the Spring Shakedown in May. North Bend State Park, Cairo, West Virginia, May 9th through 11th. You are responsible for securing your own lodging. The popular plan last year were the lap-of-luxury cabins, which will require some coordinated planning. If you want a cabin, call North Bend at 1-800-CALL-WVA and reserve one. As of 12am this morning (12-11-02) there were four 2 bedroom cabins left. Each sleeps six. You'll have to prepay $210 for the weekend. There are lots of lodge rooms available for $65 a night as well as plenty of camping. North Bend is 500 miles from Chicago, 400 miles from Philadelphia, 350 miles from both Detroit and Louisville, 300 miles from DC, 200 miles from Cleveland and Cincinnati, and 150 miles from Pittsburgh and Columbus. And 476.6 miles from Tellico Plains, TN. :^) These are typical originating points for this event. Plan on riding in the rain. It's one of our enduring traditions for the Spring Shakedown. Bonfire Saturday night courtesy of the state park. As always, be there or we'll talk about you around the fire.

SME 8.0 June 13-15, 2003 at the Cherokee Campgrounds - planned
Place: Tellico Plains, TN. There are several bed and breakfasts near, a KOA campground with some cabins just a mile or so from Cherokee Campground, and lots and lots and lots of great roads. We're 5 minutes from the Cherohala, 45 minutes from the Dragon, and the whole area is just criss-crossed with hundreds of other great roads.


It was a very busy year for me. I attended a few local events such as the Slimy Crud ride in May, the ride up to Starved Rock in July and the Marine Corps Toys For Tots ride in frigid (twas 14 degrees when I left my house - w/o electrics) December.


SMEGMA, hosted by Richard Wainwright and Carl Custer in Bethesda, MD

SM-MN/WI in Hastings, MN - July 13th thru the 15th

SME 5.9 in Hocking Hills, OH - April 27th thru the 30th


SME 5.0 in Tellico Plains, TN


Son of SMEGMA (SoS) hosted by Richard Wainwright and Carl Custer in Bethesda, MD

SME 4.0 in Cruso, NC this will take a while to load (sorry)

Winter Maintenance Clinic (WMC) hosted by David Ryder in Cleveland, OH


SMEGMA hosted by Richard Wainwright and Carl Custer in Bethesda, MD


Our very own Mike Stewart (aka Iron Butt Mike - IBM) with some photos at the start of the 1997 Iron Butt Rally.

Check out the Iron Butt Association to get more info on this rally.

My SabMag Projects

Want to swap wheels between your V65 Sabre and V65 Magna?

Want to add a KG rack to your V65 Sabre and/or Magna?

Need a fork brace enhancment for your V65 Magna OEM fork brace? If so, check this out.

Check out my Dave Dodge Drill'n'Tap oil mod project. I didn't see anyone else documention Dave's Drill'n'Tap... so I decided to write on up myself.

Are you suffering from the Melted Voltage Regulator Connector problem?

Is your SabMag stuck in a gear?

Need to repair your ignition switch?

This little tool rack I put together is all you'll need to work on 90% of your bike... even traveling.

Need to replace the headlight bulb in your Hondaline Faring?

Want to perform a leakdown test of your SabMag?

Other SabMag Projects

Want to add a fuel cell to your SabMag? Check out setup #1 or setup #2.

Need an alternative replacement for your V4 fuel line?

Cheap Fix for Clutch Slave Oil Leak submitted by Ed Shea with help from Rooster and DRP

Cliff Koch's swingarm tool

Want to add Givi Bags to your V65 Sabre? If so, check out Katherine Becker's Setup and Bob Sutton's Setup

Want to  upgrade your SabMag headlight?

Need to spoon on your own tires?

My partial collection of V4s

Here is the reason why I had to have another garage built. The bike shown most in the front is my wife's V30. She's registered less than 1 mile since I bought it for her on our 9 year anniversary back in 08/99. Placed next to the V30 is a 1985 VF1000R (aka VFkR) that I used to own. I sold this bike towards the beginning of the 2000 riding season to a SabMag listmember. I miss this bike... but I've got an '84 VF750F that I'd like to restore... one of these days. The rest of the bikes pictured are a mixture of V65 Sabres and Magnas.

In addition to the (mostly) V4s that I own... I also own a few Honda Nighthawk 700Ss. This particular bike has long been sold... but I've got a few more. As you can see here... when I'm not riding it... I have to keep an eye on my kids. And when they're not on the Nighthawk... I can sometimes find my son on my wife's V30 Magna. When my daughter, Betsi, is in the mood for a ride... she usually hops aboard the back end of my '83 V65 Magna.

As shown at the top of this page... here's an older picture of my '86 V65 Magna (with a Rifle fairing) and an '84 V65 Sabre.

In my earlier long distance rides... I used to take my '83 V65 Magna outfitted with a SlipStreamer II fairing and a trunk (complete with running and brake lights) mounted on a KG rack. It seems this year (2000) I've spent more time in the saddle on my '85 V65 Sabre and this bike looks to be better suited for my needs. This bike will have Hondaline hardbags and a Hondaline topcase (also mounted on a KG rack).

Other Bikes:

I'm not the only one who has a few bikes. The last few years I've been assisting my son in starting his own collection of bikes. He started his collection with a Honda XL70. The price was right but the bike was definitely too tall. Last year he (really we) picked up a Suzuki JR50. Greg rode this bike a number of times during the summer of 2002 just to get the feel of riding a motorcycle. While we were at it... we also picked up a Kawasaki KV75. Boy, this bike might look nice in the pic... but I can assure you that this is going to cost some $$$ to not only get it running... but also to make it look halfway decent.

Other Projects

Need to fix the power window motor in your vehicle?


The V4 Power Message Board at Yahoo! Groups.

The only SabMag link you need.

Visit Len's and Wal's V45, V65, Magna, Sabre and Interceptor Message Board.

Need a genuine Honda Factory Service Manual for your V65 Sabre, V65 Magna, V30 Magna or Nighthawk 700S?

Here are online Hondaline Fairing instruction manuals (including parts list) for your V65 Sabre  and V45 Sabre.

Need to understand some   SabMag acronyms?

Looking for one of these guys? If so, check out the SETI@home SabMag page. You'd be surprised where aliens and UFOs can be found. Afterall, look at the UFO I photographed in my own backyard!!!

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